Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Last Minutes

Hey There :)

I created this site so those interested in my film can access and discuss information about it.
The purpose of the blog is to enable those who are interested in on scene, or behind the scenes components can ask questions which I can answer.

The film, titled 'Last Minutes' has been an ongoing project in terms of scriptwriting yet it is now time for filming! Castings will take place June/July and filming will commence August/September.
'Last Minutes' is a short film based on a soldier. Whilst the film is focused on the essence of war, it is not directed at a particular war, instead it portrays the universal reactions from war.
Those interested in acting parts are welcome to apply, an acting background is not essential but will be beneficial throughout the casting processes. Filming will take place on the North Coast of NSW, 2 hours drive from Sydney. Accommodation and food will be provided. Transport can be arranged. The filming periods will be short (mainly weekends - extending to long weekends), depending upon the availability of the actors.

Parts are as follows:
  • 'Luke' - 25 year old male
  • 'Luke' - 15 year old male
  • 'Luke' - 8 year old male (filled)
  • 'Andi' - 25 year old female (filled)
  • 'Kate' - Toddler
  • 'Jane' - 45-50 year old female
  • 2-3 8 year olds
  • 2-3 15 year olds
  • Composer/Musician (filled). Although various tracks are needed, so if interested still apply.
  • Speaker: Deepish male voice, must speak clearly, voice will be used for narration

Obviously a synopsis cannot be provided as copyright must be maintained but if you have any further questions please contact me via here or at